You Shouldn’t Believe These App Development Myths

App development is one of the most happening fields in the IT industry. This is where you get to work on really awesome ideas, encounter new challenges, and create apps that can revolutionize the entire world. Here, you have a super power! A superpower to take inspiration from ideas and bring them into life with really awesome apps. In simple words, app development is not just a regular 9 to 5 office job but it’s a complete package of thrill, excitement, and endless creativity.

However, the most surprising fact is that despite being a dynamic trend – app development has its own set of downgrades. You may come across many app developers (even the ones with a remarkable experience in the field) who believe in myths and most of these misconceptions are completely illogical. This raises a serious concern as it will not be possible to properly design apps with such meaningless assumptions. Moreover, professionals believing in such myths will keep misguiding newcomers with false information.

That’s why we decided to come up with this post – where we’ll detail 7 such common app development myths we have seen people believing. Let’s have a look: 


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