The Reasons Why App Reviews Are Great!

It’s no lie that App Store reviews are varied and a lot of the reviews aren’t true because you have to filter through a sea of people giving the app a rating that isn’t true because they post a review based on issues they are having instead of contacting tech support. 

In most of the cases, you have to ask people to review your app for improving the app reputation or knowing the feedback of the users.

I haven’t noticed any differences between the app stores, whether it be UK, US or worldwide they seem to have similar problems with this. I don’t believe that these reviews should be approved but for some reason, they are and a lot of the time it gives a great app a negative response.

I personally have a negative view towards app store reviews due to this but truly, reviews are great and I will tell you why.

After filtering out all of the not so true reviews and finding genuine ones, they can give you a feel for the app and how it works. If more reviews are positive rather than negative saying that the app is smooth and easy to use, with great features then there isn’t any reason to believe otherwise, is there?

Reviews can give you an insight into the app before downloading or spending money on it, so it allows you to see whether it is worth your time or money.

I have never understood why people give negative reviews over technical issues they are having but if you can get past that, even the genuine negative reviews are great because it allows you to see what problems other users are facing and allows you to be prepared for them when you download if they happen to you.

On either side, whether it is positive or negative then a review of an app is going to be your one key point to see exactly what feedback it has received from genuine users.           
As a whole, app reviews are flawed due to the false reviews being put across in the stores but when it really comes down to it the genuine reviews are great because it is giving you a feel for the app before you test it for yourself and allows you to gather some insight into what to expect.


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