How to launch an app that doesn’t get rejected: Part 2 Android

In our previous post, we shared the basic means by which you can launch an app on iOS without getting rejected. In this post, we explain how to launch an app on android without getting rejected.
Launch an App on Andoird without getting rejected
Beyond having a great app idea, this six step guide is all you need to follow as an app developer to launch a successful android app.
1. The programming has to be done in Java and the design and layouts be designed in XML files. You will therefore need to learn both Java and XML or hire resources for the same.
2. You would also need a build tool for compiling the project files and then put them together in a .apk file. This .apk file then tested across android devices; and is also submitted on Google Play.
3. Android Studio’s default IDE, called Eclipse manages all the files and is a good option to get a jumpstart.
4. The Android SDK also has an ADB Tool- the Android Debug Bridge; which is helpful in making changes to the devices when plugged into your computer.
5. The App Store has set the bars very high in the matters of app design. And so, Google as well is motivating its developers to create apps that are both- working well and have a nice design.  Therefore, when launching an Android App, consult the Android Design Guidelines.
6. Test test test. Before launching anything- an android app, an iOS app, a website, a toy- ANYTHING- do a thorough quality analysis, try creating a test group, share a prototype, launch a beta version or simply do an analysis on tools like the HockeyApp. Alternatively, you can seek professional advice from app developers in London. But be double sure about every twerk before an app goes out into the app market.


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