Where should you launch your first app?

If you do land a great app idea, there’s a high tendency to build an app compatible with every platform- including iOS, Android, Windows etc.  While it is already hard to develop a quality app that runs smoothly, simultaneously building it for other platforms is even more demanding. Most experienced developers would suggest you to work on multiple platforms but one by one; it is usually preferred you start with building for iOS since it isn’t a very segmented platform.But what if you want to launch on both of these platforms?

Here’s an organised analysis of both- to develop an app for iOS and Android


Benedict Evans wrote in his blog once- “Developers are starting to move from creating new products on the basis ‘iPhone, then maybe Android’ to ‘iPhone and then Android’ or even ‘iPhone and Android at the same time’.Most apps like Instagram, Plants v/s Zombies, Clash of Clans etc were first made available only to iOS users and it was only after serving solid on the iPhone that these were launched on Android even if there’s a larger userbase on Android. Here’s why:

1. Higher ROI: because an average iOS user spends significantly more money on apps that an android user; simply because iOS users are the ones  who can afford Apple Products. The Developer Economics Vision Mobile Report 2015 Q3 states of developer exclusive access to the market of High Income Users. With that given, mobile app developers in London create high quality apps for iOS, with better chances of higher ROI.

2. Faster and Friendly UI/UX Designing:

Launching an iOS app is a considerable option over android, simply because it requires building only for two types of devices primarily- iPhone and iPad. Building the UI/UX therefore is easier and time-saving as to develop the UI/UX for android would require you to consider multiple other factors as DPI, screen size, hardware compatibility etc.) There is immense device segmentation for there are multiple manufacturers as well. This in turn make QA for Android difficult as well.
Also, the Interface Builder in Xcode makes UI handling easier.

3. The number of downloads:

The downloads received on the app store mark as success stories of existing apps. These  can often and easily be considered as an example to follow!


Android and iOS individually account for over 90% of the total smartphone market share.

Having successfully launched on iOS first, it is both comfortable and easier to develop for other platforms later on.


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