These types of App Designers Have Designed Out Niches in Areas Like the Pet and Investment Industries

Visit an mobile application process marketplace and search for parenting or management iOS apps Design, you will see hundreds of clone software reiterating the same benefits and features. The thing is, why make same types of software when there are numerous specific niche market gaps to fill. In this article, we have summed up four specific niche market software that cater to very specific but real needs of users. Consider a cue from these apps, and find ideas for your own market apps.
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Screenshot from 2016-07-06 14:51:53.pngone particular ) pCloud
In the wake of the recent Apple-FBI battle, one meaning was loud and clear — if you need to keep your data secure, use the most complex data storage services. This is where pCloud differs from other cloud storage players like Dropbox and Container. Whether you want to keep your data safe from prying employees or from, erm, government representatives, you are able to use the Crypto Folder in pCloud that is encrypted locally on your device.
pCloud uses 256-bit AES encryption for files and folders while the encryption key uses 4096-bit RSA, meaning only people who have the key can access your files or folders. Dropbox Oman offers 256-bit AES but not the 4096-bit RSA, which means encryption happens from Dropbox’s side somewhat than yours, so your data is at risk.
What’s more, pCloud offers flexible encryption solutions, so you can keep both encrypted as well as non-encrypted files on pCloud with respect to the level of security needed. In this way, you refuses to have to go through the problem of creating password keys for your files and folders. pCloud is a perfect example that even if the existing market is jumbled, there might be a gap you can fill up with your niche solution.
2. CCO Friend
CCO Companion is a complying repository cum regulatory software that is aimed at investment advisers. It is made to meet 15 most-common investment compliance challenges. It helps investment companies by providing information and resources to stay up-to-date using their compliance obligations. Despite the fact that there are many compliance software in the market, this software provides the specific niche of investment corporate Muscat compliance.
It combines many of things including a reference library which collects all the compliance-related information curated by experts. This kind of information can be researched by topic, type and Advisers Act rule to make information easily accessible.
It also alerts you about laws and reports from the Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory authorities, so you don’t miss out on any important information. It features a number of professional complying tools such as month to month compliance training material, conformity checklists, risk assessment and compliance testing templates and model documents. You can also import and set up your own compliance documents.
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3. PensterDocs
PensterDocs is a management Mobile software for house animals — or you can call it a pet-information repository. It enables you to keep all the important information about your pet including vaccinations, veterinarian appointments and papers perfectly organized and accessible. You can set reminders for everything from vaccination visits to small tasks like obtaining your dog for a walk.
We have loads of document management programs, but this one fails through the clutter by bringing forth a classy and well-rounded pet file and task management software. You are able to store all of your family pet documents and show them at pet salons, boarding facilities, and so out without carrying them almost everywhere.
If you have more than one pet (because you just can’t have one), you can store multiple profiles and gain access to all the details including allergies, veterinary information, shot verifications, check up summaries, etc. just by clicking on the account. You can certainly share these profiles with people in your family, caretakers, dog-walkers and boarders to ensure no person misses out on any information.
You can even keep special paperwork and phone numbers, so you can call your veterinarian, find near by creature rescue centers and kennels in a jiffy. The best part is their community is thriving, and you may find a wealth of knowledge, stories and funny anecdotes from the other people using this app development companies.



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